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What are Research Chemicals?
Research chemicals are also known know as "designer drugs". They are controlled substances analogs designed to mimic the original substance effects, but remain legal and unscheduled. They are often nicknamed "bath salts" or "legal highs".

We sell research chemicals:

Our factory can supply high purity research chemicals such as Furanylfentanyl, Etizolam, Thirtylone, 4-FIBF and many more at wholesale prices. We directly source our products from our factory in Hubei, China.

We manufacture each and every research chemicals we sell, This is why we can provide the highest quality guarantee for all of our chemicals. Most "legal highs" shops around the internet are supplied by factories in china like our own. They simply re-package the goods at their own location in order to sell them for a profit. However,at Benzochemicals.com, we source the products we sell directly from our own factory in china. This is why we can provide our chemicals at the best price on the market. We also offer incredible discounts for bulk orders. Our best sellers include 4-FIBF, Furanylfentanyl, U47700, Thirtylone, Deschloroketamine (DXE) and many more.

Our policies guarantees arrival of our products to most countries in the world and we have a 99% success chance on all packages delivered to USA or UK. We will reship in the event of a seizure at your country's customs. When placing your order, we recommend you submit it as a PGP encrypted message. Our PGP key can be found on both our information page and on the checkout page as well.

All orders must be paid in bitcoin payments. This is for your security and our own alike.

You can take advantage of our account/support ticket system in order to communicate with us. You may also reach out to us using by Email.

Please read our policies before you buy research chemicals from our site.

Showing 1–12 of 61 results

Showing 1–12 of 61 results